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1958 at Destino

CHARCUTERIE BOARD                                       16

Assortment of fine meats, cheeses, & mixed olives

GUACAMOLE                                                        10

Served with Fried Plantain Chips 

AVOCADO RELLENO                                           10



EMPANADAS (3)                                                    10

Choice of Chicken, Beef, or Cuban


HAM CROQUETTES (3)                                         8

Accompanied with our Famous Salsa Roja 


ARANCINI DE CUBA                                              8                                Potato Balls filled with a Cuban style beef mixture, coated in panko and fried 


BACON WRAPPED MADUROS                             8

Sweet Plantains with Bacon


CUBAN STYLE SLIDERS                                        15

Classic Cuban sandwich served on individual Press Sweet Slider Buns


MARINATED PORK BITES                                      13

Served with a Creole Mojo Dipping Sauce


SHRIMP IN GARLIC SAUCE                                   16

Jumbo Shrimp served in a White Wine Garlic Butter Sauce


CHORIZO AL VINO                                                 13

Sautéed with Green Olive and Roasted Peppers in White Wine Sauce 


CUBA TO ELMORA                                                28

Empanadas, Croquettes, Marinated Pork Bites, Chorizo Al Vino, L.A.B. Fries Accompanied with a Creole Mojo Dipping Sauce



FLAN                                                                          8

Rich, sweet custard topped with caramel sauce. Served with Fresh Berries

TRES LECHES CAKE                                                 8                                  Ultralight sponge cake soaked in a sweet mixture made from "three milks"             



The DESTINO L.A.B  EXPERIENCE represents premium cocktails, wine, exquisite food, and outstanding service in a luxurious yet inviting atmosphere.

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