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Destino Cuisine

CHARCUTERIE BOARD                                       16

Assortment of fine meats, cheeses, & mixed olives


L.A.B. FRIES                                                          10

Tossed in unique blend of chef ’s special spices


BLACK TRUFFLE FRIES                                       12


RISOTTO CROQUETTES                                     14

Stuffed risotto with cheese and tomato coulis (6 pieces) Tossed in black truffle shavings


THE PRETZEL                                                                               15

Huge Bavarian Style Soft Pretzel Served with Secret Mustard Sauce

TRUFFLE MAC & CHEESE BITES                                                16

Fontina, Cheddar & Parmesan Cheeses Topped with Bread

Crumbs & Truffle Oil


TUNA TARTARE TACOS                                                              18

Presented on a Crispy House Made Taco Shell with Avocado

Cream / Mango Habanero Sauce


CHICKEN LOLLIPOPS                                                                  15

Marinated in coconut milk, cumin, and orange juice (4 pieces)

Served with Mango Habanero Sauce


BUFFALO CHICKEN LOLLIPOPS                                                15

Medium Heat - Served with Blue Cheese Sauce (4 pieces)


GLAZED BACON                                                                          15

Thick Cut with Whiskey, Maple and Sriracha glaze


GRILLED CHEESE                                                                         16

With Fontina & Manchego Cheese & Roasted Tomato on Fresh

Sourdough Bread, Presented with Tomato Mayo Dipping Sauce



WAGYU BEEF SLIDERS                                                                18

Topped with Manchego, Bacon & Truffle Aioli on Brioche Buns   


NEW ZEALAND LAMB LOLLIPOPS                                             20

Accompanied with a zesty chutney sauce


GRILLED NEW YORK STRIP 14oz                                                 38

Sliced - Meidum - Char          Add Gorgonzola Crust - ADDITIONAL 4 



The DESTINO L.A.B  EXPERIENCE represents premium cocktails, wine, exquisite food, and outstanding service in a luxurious yet inviting atmosphere.

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